1957 CADILLAC series 62 Convertible – original 365 cubic in. V-8, automatic transmission – I am the 3rd owner, all of us here in my hometown – the original owner was my family doctor, who was also the doctor for the local General Motors dealer where he purchased the car – he lived one block away from my family when when he purchased the car, and I was in grade school – the second owner, still local, purchased it in March, 1968 with 72,000 miles from the same local dealer, after my doctor traded it in – I was told that his price then was $200 – now I am the third owner, having purchased it from him in January, 2001, with 116,000 miles – it now has 137,300 miles – all of these pictures were taken today, 2/14/16, some when the sun was out and some when it wasn’t, if you notice a little bit difference in the color – I bought if for my wife, and she mostly just drove it local, and always in nice weather, but we have taken it on two vacations to south Missouri – it has always been parked inside since we’ve owned it – when I first got it, I had it repainted the original color, mountain laurel (pink) – it has not been color sanded and buffed, which it still could use, to make it shine better – also had a new top and new back plastic windshield installed – the back windshield is still in good shape, because we’ve always padded it with bath towels when we put the top down – (the top is also still in real good shape, but usually the plastic windshield gets bad first) – I put the top down for the pictures today, but I didn’t fasten down the boot for driving, as it has been pretty cold here, and it didn’t want to stretch much for the snaps, but it does fit nice and smooth when warm – the main repair that we have had done, was to fix a small crack that developed in the front frame, cross member joint on one side under the engine – to do it right, we pulled the engine, had the welder fix one side, and also match the other side, which wasn’t cracked, to keep that from happening again – I’ve since been told that this repair is not uncommon on the large General Motors convertibles of this era – although the pictures didn’t really show the insides that good, the interior is decent, except for an appx. 6 in. seam split under the driver – it has been redone in the orig. pattern, but with naugahyde on the top and bottom of the front seat, and also the bottom of the rear seat – the upright of the rear seat is still the original leather – I did have the padded dash recovered when the new top was installed, along with new carpet in the trunk and new exhaust system about the same time – it could use some cosmetic repair on the front side kick panels on both sides under the dash and the original carpet is not the best, but it is usable

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