1976 was the final year for Cadillac’s massive and effortless 500 cubic inch V8. While not designed for all-out horsepower, it is renowned for torque output and moves the big sedan with the kind of fluid ease that’s normally reserved for bullet trains. It gathers momentum almost imperceptibly but you’ll suddenly find yourself whisking along at 80 MPH without even noticing. The engine bay is pretty original with all the original equipment intact and there’s lots of new stuff, so don’t let the somewhat crusty air cleaner turn you off. It’s backed by a TH400 3-speed automatic and a heavy-duty rear end with 2.73 gears inside, so it just loafs along on the highway. Obviously it’s been out of the elements, because clean undercarriages like this just don’t exist anywhere but in warm climates, and the big 235/75/15 whitewall radials provide that amazing magic carpet ride.

Location: Lithia Springs, Georgia, United States

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