Due to ill health, offered for sale is a 1955 Cadillac, Model 75 Imperial Limousine by Derham of Pennsylvania. In 1955 only 841 model 75 imperial limousines were built by Cadillac.  Dwight D Eisenhower, Elvis Presley and King farouk of Egypt each got one.  Two were pulled off the line and sent to Derham of Pennsylvania to be customized.  This is one of those cars.  The difference in a Derham to the other 839 produced was it had a full English leather top.  The window behind the side doors and the rear window in the back were removed and blind quartered.  Then a smaller rear window was added for privacy for the rear passengers.  The passenger compartment was all done in Woolton Wool seats and carpeting.  All of the air conditioning duct work is run through the roof, including the chauffer compartment.  All power windows including divider window, and two rear heaters for passenger compartment.  Plus additional heating unit for chauffer compartment, the car being equipped with 6 blower motors.  All stainless steel has been polished, chrome all re-plated, and of course, new paint, and new tires.  All brakes have been re-built including new wheel cylinders. Windshield wipers were converted to electric from vacuum for dependability.  The transmission and engine were over hauled, and fitted with new D6 A/C compressor, new hoses, and converted to 134A Freon. Battery is new, converted to alternator instead of generator.  Exhaust system is completely rebuilt, with stainless header pipes and mufflers.  There is nothing to do to this car, except drive it and enjoy it!  Even the glove box and the step plates when you get in are new.

Location: La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States

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